Elysium Medical 

It's been our honor to serve our community in offering

"Medical Marijuana Authorizations"

Since 2011


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Cannabis us the only plant, on the planet, that yields both a drug & a useful fiber.  It has been used for thousands of years. 

A chinese treatise on pharmacology, alleged to date from 2737 BC, contains the earliest reference to its potential as medicine. Early references from India, Asia, the Far East & Greece around 650 BC.  Herodotus wrote;  "no Grecian vapor-bath can surpass it".  Cannabis leaves & seeds, near Berlin,

are believed to be dated 500BC.  In Africa, it is smoked by Suto women before giving birth, & ground up with bread or mealie for the children when being weaned.

Our Commitment . . . . 

is to support the growth & education of "Cannabis as Medicine".  It is through education that patients can become aware of Cannabis as an ancient & sacred medicine" that has the possibility of improving your "quality of life".

Debra Grant, ARNP